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Showdown at Midnight

Again I was invited to and allowed to add a story to this anthology as well;

Comanche Station       

A Kindle exclusive!  Comanche Station follows young Sierra Lane as she takes over the running of an Arizona stagecoach station with the help of her younger brother Caleb. She also encounters a young Texas Ranger Colt Newby who is on the trail of an outlaw band. Gun Trouble also affects the station when Gambler Johnny Kyle wants to expand his business in Boulder Springs and a store owner sends for two cousins to come and fihgt against the gambler. Redemption Flats sees the return of Bounty Hunter Jim Bolan in a slightly different sort of Western tale, and Gambler's Hand has a man standing up for what's right even if it means taking up guns once more...

Six Guns Straight from Hell

I have a short story in this anthology of weird west tales.  You can find it at: