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New Pulp

What a year this has been.  Attended my first PulpFest and got to meet with Ron Fortier and Rob Davis of Airship27 where I will have an upcoming Masked Rider western story and a new anthology series I created titled Tales of the Hanging Monkey.  It is a south seas pulp that will be out sometime in 2012 and I can't wait for it.  I am also close to completing Peril in the North, the Seventh Hardluck Hannigan novel.  Look for a new Decker P.I. mystery, A Cold and Lonely Death, hopefully the second long awaited Joe Collins book Paradise Lost, and my biggest foray yet into the New Pulp Market, Two-fisted Adventure, which will contain four serial stories in four different pulp genres including adventure, western, Sword and Sorcery and a Space Opera.  These stories will be completed over four books and then and then the completed serials will be released as full novels.  So follow along!

NEWS:  Just wanted to let everyone know Hardluck Hannigan has gone digital in the kindle reader format.  Also on Kindle are the sixth Jack Riley book The Mummy's Tomb and the first and third Sam Decker /Decker P.I. books Scorpion Cay and Death Song.  The fourth Jack Riley title Pirates' Blood will be available in the fall in new print and Kindle Editions.  Look for the second Decker P.I. title Killshot to be out in Kindle Edition soon as well.   Also this year look for a new Hardluck Hannigan adventure The Golden Scorpion, and Decker P.I. will return in Smugglers' Blues.  It is going to be an exciting year!

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